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MD5 Tools Script

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With this premium MD5 Tools Script, you can offer your visitors very usefull tools to encrypt or decrypt data strings. The MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5) is a widely used cryptographic hash. It is often used to save sensitive data like passwords in a database or anywhere else. The MD5 Tools Script collects all its generated hashes and this way the php script can decrypt MD5 hashes, which is normally not possible. Run this script as a standalone site, offer the MD5 Tools to your existing website visitors and they will come back for more, or simply use it for your own needs! As the script comes with easy ad and link integration, you can also easily make money with it.

Script Features

- Encrypt strings to MD5 hashes.
- Decrypt MD5 hashes.
- Valid XHTML and CSS code.
- Setup your meta tags.
- Easy banner ad, AdSense and link integration.
- Option to customize the header menu and to add your own links to the menu.
- Secure and fast myqli database extention (Optional).
- Integrated contact form to hide your emails address and prevent spam.
- Hand-coded php script.
- Easy and fast installation, setup and usage.

  • 100% source code
  • Lifetime script license
  • Free copyright link removal

Version: 1.1
Versions Date: 23 April, 2019
Language: PHP

Server Requirements

- PHP 5.x and higher (Including PHP 7)
- MySQL Database 4 or higher (Including MySQL 5)


MD5 Tools Script Demo

Price: $24.95

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