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By: Michael Nicholas
(c) By Michael Nicholas

Have you ever gotten caught on a slippery road and felt the wheels under you spinning and going nowhere?

Well, you don't really need to be in a car to know what I'm talking about because this scene has been played out metaphorically many times as well.

It's the feeling of not getting to your destination and it's an unpleasant result... Spinning your wheels is being out of control and getting nowhere while trying to get somewhere.

And when you apply this to reaching success it's not only frustrating, but it can also crush your spirit to move on and upward.

But let me tell you a secret of success that is in every revolution of a spinning wheel. This is something that is difficult to see while you are trying to navigate toward success.

It's like a thick fog or night blindness and it wants to throw you off course so you lose your way. It's a false/positive state of mind that wants to lead you down the wrong road to failure where you may easily think it's time to give up. After all it's quite easy to stop the engine and park it...

BUT... wait a minute... What if all the while your wheels were turning you were moving toward success little by little and didn't realize it? What if you were moving in revolutions that didn't feel like you were moving at all but you really were?...

And what if you didn't stop your wheels from spinning BUT kept them going in that same very direction you set out on?... Well this is the road to success, my friend, and YOU are on it...

At first being on the road to success may feel like you are going nowhere... This is where the weak give up and move to something else many times repeating the scenario over and over never getting anywhere.

They just think they are spinning their wheels and give up way too early. But if you have a goal you want to accomplish... something you really feel strong and dedicated about - don't yield to the false/positive feelings of failure.

Why? Because the feelings of failure WILL come greet you... That you can be sure of. But pay no mind to failure because it's not a reality unless you accept it. Many times it's only the fear of failure - so just ignore it.

These feelings are just part of the journey leading to your success. However, if you keep on driving toward your goal without taking your eyes off of the road, but stay put even when things look, feel and taste like a losing battle... Your reward for riding through the storm is SUCCESS.

And yes it's been there the whole time... but this destination does not come easy to those that give up.

Remember this...

When it looks like nothing is happening... look again, give it time and even more time... Then when you have stayed the course your journey requires... that's when success is right around the corner.

Therefore, one of the real secrets of success is when it doesn't seem like success... it can still very much be you are on a successful journey leading right to it.

So don't cut yourself off and just spin your wheels... Spin Your Wheels To SUCCESS!

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