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Start your own Paid to Click business with ease. All you need for it is our full featured php Paid to Click script, a domain name and PTC allowed hosting.
Sites like, AngelBux and many more generate a lot of cash almost every day. But our script is not only a clone, it is the only script at the market which supports paid to click banner advertising. So you can start with a full unique Paid to Click web site.
Easily setup your own user pay rates and referer pay rates, the rest of money is yours. Also setup your link and banner activation fees, which is completely your earned money.
Our PTC script is carefully developed under the newest php, mysql and (X)html programming aspects and should be one of the securest Paid to Click web site scripts.

Script Features

- Supports paid to click banner and link advertising.
- Md5 encrypted stored passwords for users and advertisers.
- Referral program integrated.
- The script runs full automatic.
- Process payments and banner or link activations automatically through the PayPal IPN.
- Auto deactivates banners or links without credits.
- User area.
- The user receives only credits for one ad, at the same time.
- Advertiser area.
- Contact form including captcha security image to prevent spam.
- Password recovery feature.
- Easily setup your site meta tags.
- Modern and fast loading xhtml and css based style.
- Option to use the mysqli database extention, if supported by your hosting. (A mysqli connection is a faster and safer database connection as the usual mysql connection.)
- Easy and fast installation...
Admin Panel Features
- Option to enable automatically reset user clicks every x hours.
- Manage the main site settings like Meta Tags, Link Activation Fee, Banner Activation Fee, Minimum Withdrawal Amount, User Pay Rate and Referer Pay Rate.
- Md5 encrypted stored password for the admin.
- Manage Users.
- Manage Advertisers.
- Manage User Withdrawals.
- Link and banner management.
- Option to add manual advertiser payments.
- Easily manage, activate and dectivate your site ads.
- Build-In mass email feature to email all users or advertisers at once.

  • 1 year free script support and updates
  • Lifetime script license
  • Free copyright link removal

Version: 2.7
Versions Date: 11 Novemer, 2021
Language: PHP

Server Requirements

- PHP 5.x or higher (Including PHP 7.x)
- MySQL 4 Database or Higher


Front Site Demo
User login (Name:demo, Password:demo)
Advertiser login (Name:demoadvertiser, Password:demoadvertiser)

Admin Demo
Admin login (Name:admin, Password:admin)

Please note many functions are disabled in the demo.

Price: $59.00

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