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Welcome to e-Soft24 Paid to Click Script Demo

Please note: This is only a demo site. You will NOT be paid for clicks etc.!

e-Soft24 Paid to Click Script Demo is an exciting opportunity that brings advertisers and consumers together. Advertisers post links or banners for members to review. Members then receive a pay per click rate that is predetermined by the advertiser. After a member clicks on that link or banner and views the site for the advertiser determined amount of time, the member is credited that click amount. Members will also receive 25% for every click of it's referrals. It's a great opportunity to easily earn a lot of money. Members earnings will be paid via PayPal. e-Soft24 Paid to Click Script Demo will pay members when their balance reaches the minimum payout rate of $25.00. Once the member has reached payout they may request payment. Payments will be made within 5 days or a reasonable time after. So come on and Join today for Free!