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By: Victoria Brown
When it comes to promotional products, the key word is variety. There’s an enormous variety of promotional products available, from pens, mugs and key rings to umbrellas, bags and apparel, and executive items such as luggage and crystal or glassware. Even if you narrow your selection down to a specific type of item, you’ve still got a number of choices to make before you can select the perfect item. It’s all too easy to get lost in the veritable ocean of possibilities, so here’s a quick guide to help you decide what types of items you need.
What’s your Purpose? First, consider what your promotional products are intended to accomplish. · Attract new clients and customers · Retain existing clients · Promote a new product or service · Gifts for employees to use at work or elsewhere The types of products you use for each situation differ in a few key areas. For example, if you’re giving away promotional products to attract new clients, you may be doing so at a trade show or similar industry event. In these cases you may end up giving away a large number of items, so it’s best to choose less expensive, smaller products such as pens, key rings or stress toys. On the other hand, if you’re giving promotional products to clients you already have, those items will typically be a little more expensive and have a higher perceived value, as you want to give items that show the recipients that you value their continued loyalty to your company. Gifts such as a bottle of wine, an elegant pen or key ring, or a selection of smaller promotional products will suit such situations. For employees, items they use at work are a good choice. Think in terms of desk top items, coffee mugs, mouse mats and similar promotional products. Another great choice is to equip your retail employees with company-branded clothing and name tags, to help reinforce your company identity.

Who are your Recipients? The answer to this question is subtly different from the previous one. Here, you are basically considering your target audience—the people who are interested in either doing business with your company as a supplier or client, or the people who will buy your products in retail stores. For example, promotional products targeted to the clients of an investment banking firm will be very different from those that are targeted to children and teenagers, and perhaps different again from those intended to attract young couples.

What’s your Price Range? Once you’ve narrowed your focus to just a few types of promotional products, you can begin looking more closely at different categories to determine what you can afford.

In general, it’s a good idea to choose a variety of promotional products in different price ranges—as discussed earlier, the items you choose will differ in price and other factors depending on the purpose you intend for them. By having a variety of products on hand of different types, you’ll be prepared for any spur-of-the-moment situation that arises. Victoria Brown is the founder of clickpromogifts a dynamic and modern promotional products and promotional items company which has begun to dominate the UK promotional gifts market by offering a massive range of products at value prices backed up by unbeatable customer service levels. For more information visit
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