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Run your own short URL service, including QR Code creation, with ease. All you need for it, is this easy to setup PHP Short URL Service Script. In times where people send millions of sms, emails or Twitter messages daily, a short URL service is very popular. As a very advantage feature, the script automatically generates a QR Code image for every short URL. A QR Code can be scanned and used by mobile devices. Nowadays where many visitors using the internet with mobile devices like smart phones, tablet pc's etc., this is a very nice feature you can offer your visitors. So you would have a high traffic site within a few months with this php script. This gives you the opportunity to easily earn a lot of cash from ads with your short URL service website.
Do you have a special niche website like for pets, family or adult? Offer your visitors a short URL service for this niche and they would gladly come back to your site. Or simply use the script for masking your own affiliate links including QR Code generation and keep track how many times an URL has been clicked.

Script Features

- New in version 3: The script automatically generates a QR Code image for every short URL.
- Search engine friendly short URLs and Meta tags.
- Option to let the users create a custom alias for his short URL.
- Browse top URLs.
- Setup your site Meta tags and static pages (advertise, privacy and terms) with ease.
- Contact page with contact form and captcha verification image to hide your email address and prevent spam.
- Advertisement management tools to support your high revenue.
- The whole script is full search engine optimized (CSS design).
- Dynamic meta tags (Search engine friendly).
- Valid W3C CSS and valid W3C XHTML design.
- Easy to edit script template.
- Option to use the mysqli database extension, if supported by your hosting. (A mysqli connection is a faster and safer database connection as the usual mysql connection.)
- Hand coded script, designed under the newest security aspects and fast bug fixing.
- Easy and fast installation...
Admin Panel Features
- Edit and delete short URLs.
- Manage the main site settings like Meta tags, contact form email subject, amount of listings on the top URLs page etc.
- Easily edit the site main titles and text blocks in the admin panel.
- Easily manage, activate and deactivate your site ads.

  • 1 year free script support and updates
  • Lifetime script license
  • Full source code
  • Free script copyright link removal option

Version: 3.1
Versions Date: 01 December, 2018
Language: PHP

Server Requirements

- PHP 5.x or higher (Including PHP 7.x)
- MySQL Database 4 or higher (Including MySQL Database 5)
- Optional: htaccess and mod rewrite enabled web hosting (Recommend but NOT required. Optional for using the shorter urls.)
- Optional: PHP GD2 extension with JPEG and PNG support (Recommend but NOT required. Optional for using the QR Code generation feature.)


Short URL Script Demo

Admin Demo
Admin login (Name: admin, Password: admin)

Please note many functions are disabled in the admin demo.

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Please note: The functions and design of the site may differ from our default script.

Price: $39.90

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